Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Note of Thanks From Dr. Brett

This month represents the two-year anniversary of the TraderFeed blog. Yesterday also marked the 1 millionth visit to the blog over the course of those two years. In two years, there have been over 1200 posts to the blog and an equal number to the Twitter application.

TraderFeed began simply as a vehicle for me to crystallize my thoughts about markets and psychology. In the first few months, daily visits were in the very low one hundreds. Visits now are in the thousands each day, and the blog has become a phenomenal means for meeting traders from around the world.

About 2/3 of all TraderFeed visits come from the U.S., and about a quarter of all visits are from outside North America. It is a marvel of recent technology that one can write a simple blog from one's home and reach a global audience of readers.

I want to thank readers and other bloggers for their support, and I want to encourage skilled traders to share their ideas through blogs. The thinking out loud and sharing of inspirations enriches us all. Special thanks to Trader Mike, Charles Kirk, Barry Ritholtz, Abnormal Returns, and the many other fine bloggers who have been supports and inspirations.

The most special thanks, however, goes to readers who have taken the time to comment on blog posts, adding valuable content and discussion to the posts. You're the best.