Saturday, July 28, 2007

Updated Psychology of Trading Resources

* New Book on Trading Psychology - SFO Magazine has come out with a book that is a collection of articles specific to trading psychology. I've written or co-written four of the articles, dealing with such topics as training new traders, diagnosing your own trading psychology problems, improving coping and resilience, and staying in "the zone". Other articles were written by Van Tharp (brief trader self-assessment), John Forman (coaching), Toni Turner (changing negative thinking), Mike Elvin (emotional intelligence), Denise Shull (role of the unconscious mind), and Linda Raschke (positive thinking). Nice overview of some of the thinking out there.

* My Other Psychology Resources - I maintain a collection of free articles on my personal site and Blogger keeps the archive of my TraderFeed posts on the blog home page. Altogether you'll find well over 1000 articles and posts. So how do you make your way through all that? Go to the Alexa site and, at the top of the page to the right of the area where you type in what you want to search, click on "Advanced" and you'll get to a customizable search page. Then type in on the top line the words you want to look for (such as "stress") and, where it says "Search within a site", type in the URL for the site you want to search ( for the blog; for my personal site). You'll get a list of posts and articles that refer to the topic you selected. Technorati is also an excellent search site for blogs, with similar advanced searches.

* Trading Psychology Blogs - The Afraid to Trade blog combines market analysis and trading psychology; Dr. Bruce Hong brings his medical training to bear in his excellent Trader Psychology blog; Doug Hirschhorn, trading coach, offers his views on the Head Coach blog; Dr. Richard Peterson draws upon his behavioral finance and neurofinance backgrounds in his Stock Market Psychology blog and Van Tharp provides coaching insights from his Smart Trader blog.