Thursday, July 05, 2007

Intuition, Trading, and More

* Intuition and Decision Making - My recent post summarized research by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman regarding biases in the processing of emotions. Here's a link to Kahneman's views on the role of intuition in expert reasoning and in everyday thought. Lots of implications for trading and the mistakes traders make.

* More on Intuition - David Myers has an excellent resource page with links to articles on intuition, judgment, and decision making. This article on the powers and perils of intuition is especially interesting, with a discussion of gender differences.

* Kirk's Wall St. Watch - The Kirk Report offers a number of good readings, including ten main themes for the stock market and Jim Rogers' view of the bull market in commodities and where he sees the greatest upside. Also check out Charles' excellent post on being a perpetual student.

* Stock Picking Links - Trader Mike tracks DealerTrack stock and offers some juicy links on the stock and to a possible double top in China. See also Mike's post on Fuel Tech (FTEK). Meanwhile, StockPickr is following Chinese rocket stocks: solid performers with great balance sheets and good growth potential.

* Trader as Entrepreneur - It's interesting: lots of writers talk about trading as a business, but few have looked at the qualities of successful traders as they relate to successful entrepreneurs. That's a topic I'll be taking up shortly. One valuable resource is Jessica Livingston's book Founders at Work, a set of interviews with founders of successful firms, such as Blogger, PayPal, Apple, Adobe, Craigslist, and Research in Motion. I'll be reviewing the book in a future post.

* For the Coffee Connoisseur - If you love fine coffees (and, no, I'm not talking about java from the chain coffee shops), take a look at the Ethiopia Biloya Special offered by Paradise Roasters. It earned a whopping 97 rating in Coffee Review and, frankly, is the best coffee I've had in years. Only 500 pounds are available to the public, so it's not cheap. But if you want a coffee with exotic flavor, it's a worthy selection.