Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stock Market Perspectives for a Sunday

* Tracking the Market's Strength - My update to the Trading Psychology Weblog summarizes the indicator data, including money flows, and finds that the recent rally has not been impressive to date.

* Estimating the Coming Day's Volatility - My recent post has generated some emails and questions. I illustrate how I use the VIX and volume data to estimate the day's volatility (size of the high-low price range) in my latest entry to the Trader Performance page.

* Predicting Market Turning Points? - Check out this video unmasking a common guru ploy; thanks to Kevin's Market Blog for the link. Also note interesting posts from Kevin on a bullish pattern in the Dow and how gold stocks are outperforming the metal.

* Red Flags for the Market - CPP Trader notes some worrisome aspects of the recent market, including the poor response to good news. See also CPP's worthwhile observations on buying when the Dow is down.

* An Options Strategy With a Stock Picking Idea - Check out Adam Warner's post on how he's using options to trade the strength in UA. Very nice illustration of participating to the upside and hedging the downside. Plus, hey, you get his music commentary to boot!

* Frontier Markets - Valuable ideas from Random Roger and a nice illustration of how the pros search for alpha.

* Picking Apart the Employment Data - Great analytical post from A Dash of Insight finds strength in the economy and outlines the data to focus on going forward. Here's a skeptical look at the data from The Big Picture and an even more skeptical look from Mish.