Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fresh Weekend Perspectives

* Thanks to Mike at SMB Capital for this link to a major leaguer who has the right attitude about learning; here's Mike's take on Friday's post-Dubai news trade;

* Removing the self from performance;

* Food stamps now feed 1 in 8 Americans and 1 in 4 children;

* Getting off the performance roller coaster;

* Trading like a sniper;

* A rush for land in Africa;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for this video on China and why it's encouraging citizens to buy gold;

* Will Dubai become a major default?

* Bank stocks look to be affected by Dubai's crisis;

* Ethanol has become a disaster;

* Stocks paying high dividends.


SSK said...

Hello Brett, I love the fact that you keep your archives organized so well for future review! Thanks. The China gold video is interesting as was the Sniper article. It is nice to be able to reread these gems! Thanks again, Best, SSK

BalaB said...

Thanks Dr. Steenbarger,

As always, impressively relevant information.


Mike said...

good article on gold and where the price of gold might be headed: Gold Price Soars to $1,217 as China Warns of Gold Bubble