Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update On Chicago Trading Coach Seminar

The moral of the story is: be careful what you ask for... :-)

Seriously, though (and not all those emails in my inbox are about the seminar!), thanks to all who have expressed interest in a Chicago seminar. One way or another, I will make it happen and will post details (with plenty of advance notice) to the blog.

At this juncture, I'm looking at possible locations and dates, with the greatly appreciated assistance of Trevor from Market Delta. I'll also look into the possibility of a webinar, either of the Chicago session or maybe a separate session altogether. The webinar would be scheduled at a time convenient for international participants and/or archived for ready access.

As always, I am appreciative of the interest and support--



SoundView said...

Another expression of interest. Suggestion: modify the agenda and you decide on featuring perhaps 10 or 15 trade ideas from the community for presentation/discussion. I've attended several such events and they have been very successful.

Looking forward to attending and contributing.


deven said...

Dr Brett,

for the location what size would you need in terms of number people, and what other amenities. i might have a place for us to hold this meeting if not the turn is moderate.