Thursday, January 01, 2009

Trading and Market Psychology: Best of TraderFeed 2007 - Volume One

In coming days, I'll be reviewing first the best trading and market psychology posts from 2007, then we'll have a look at the best of 2008. For a look at 2006, take a look at my Trading Coach blog. Here are the selections from the first quarter of 2007:

Therapy for the Mentally Well

The First Steps of Brief Change

Becoming the Actor of Your Ideals

Programming Your Experience

Four Qualities of Successful Traders

My Trading Framework

Coaching Yourself to Let Profits Run

Personality and Trading Performance

Personality Questionnaire for Traders

Interpreting the Personality Questionnaire

Subjective Well-Being and Trading

Improving Well-Being

Transforming Stress Into Well-Being

Good Trade Execution

Keys to Trading Success

Tracking Large Traders in the Markets

Identifying and Trading Breakout Moves

Somatic Markers and Trading Decisions

Five Guiding Principles of Trading Psychology

Best Practices in Trading

Resilience and Courage of Your Convictions

Trading Opening Range Breakouts

Psychological Risk Management

The Epistemology of Trading Expertise

Why Traders Self Sabotage

Why Traders Don't Trade Their Plans

Happy New Year!


Frank Aguirre's Wisdom said...

OK, doc, I'm a new reader (currently in the middle of 'enhancing) and am fast becoming an steenbarger-ite.
Frank Aguirre, Texas
(trading student, Freudian/Jungian)

adan said...

just now reading about one become the actor of one's own ideals, enhancement of positive changes, and setting goals (among other topics) -

spurred me enough to order your more recent book from amazon last night

nice work, looking fwd to learning more :-)

Jorge said...

Dr. Steenbarger,

Thank you for going through all your files, I know it takes quite a bit of time.

This blog has soooo much valuable material it's unbelievable!

Best trading in 2009!


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Many thanks for the kind comments and support--