Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Trading and Market Psychology: Best of TraderFeed 2007 - Volume Four

This is the last of the 2007 "best of" installments, covering the fourth quarter of the year. The best posts from earlier in 2007 can be found here; the best posts from 2006 are here.

Knowing Your Strengths

Emotional Balance in Trading

Identifying Your Edge

The Cognitive Development of Traders

Ten Short-Term Trading Guidelines

Regret and Trading

Keys to Emotional Resilience in Trading

How to Change Yourself

Self-Evaluation and Success

Preparing for the Day's Trade

Four Common Trading Problems

Trade Like a Card Counter

Finding Your Voice as a Trader

Considerations RE: Trading for a Living

Common Stresses Faced by Traders

Stress and Cognitive Regression

The Psychology of Scarcity and Abundance

Self-Confidence and Performance

Six Positive Trading Behaviors

Signs of Burnout

Cultivating Self-Awareness

Trading and Anxiety

Turning Setbacks Into Goals

Trading Myths and Questionable Assumptions

Achieving Emotional Self-Regulation

When Trading Performance Declines

Predictors of Coaching Success

Greatness, Happiness, and Performance

Physical Exercise, Self-Efficacy, and Well-Being

Living a Purposeful Life

The Brain and Trading Performance

1 comment:

IDkit aka Ana said...

Happy New Year, Brett and all readers.

I have taken a vacation break since Dec 30 08 and today decided to take a peek at your Traderfeed having access to the internet for my notebook. I have 24 hours access to my Blackberry when on holidays.

I see you have assembled neat Volumes of your past years' posts which will truly be a great resource of reference materials for us traders.

When I return home this weekend, I will have a lot of catching up to do.

I thank you in advance.