Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Best Practices In Trading - Volume One

I want to thank all readers who contributed best practices; I think we had some excellent ideas. Let's do another round at a later date. Here is the collection of best practices, Volume One:

Trading With Market Profile As A Conceptual Framework

Replaying The Trading Day To Enhance Learning

Testing Trading Ideas To Develop Your Edge

Stock Screening To Establish Direction For Index Traders

Understanding Price Spikes For Accurate Decision-Making

Entering Markets On Pullbacks From Trends

Trading With The Trend Of Intraday Sentiment

Developing A Robust Mechanical Trading Strategy

Trading With Short-Term Momentum

Assessing Participation During Breakout Moves

P&L Management During Trading To Maximize Objectivity

Managing Account Growth To Maximize Opportunity And Control Risk

Biofeedback For Enhanced Emotional Regulation


AnaTrader said...

Hi Brett

Thank you for your generosity of both time and efforts to come up with this unique collection which I hope you will be able to compile into Volumes in CD form one day.

These will be great resources to both novices and experienced traders.

Hsieh hsieh ni.

Jeff said...

a DVD, even!

Brilliant collection. Thanks!

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks, but the real credit goes to the readers who took the time to share their ideas. I appreciate their contributions--