Friday, May 07, 2021

Six Relevant Pieces of Trading Wisdom


Here are six pieces of trading wisdom that I might touch upon in Sunday evening's happy hour session:

1)  Ego is our self-talk.  Our wisdom comes when we stop talking to ourselves and let markets speak to us.

2)  In stable market conditions, we work to refine our game.  In changing market conditions, we find new games to play.

3)  Opportunity is just as much a function of what you trade as how you trade.

4)  If you trade a style that fits your personality, you'll be a one-trick pony.

5)  Greatness is never achieved in isolation.  Great performers--in athletics, visual arts, drama, medicine, music, markets--learn from others and with others.

6)  If P/L is the most important thing in our lives, markets will always control us and dominate our psychology.

More to come!

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