Tuesday, October 06, 2020

You Are Your Own Role Model


Here's a great exercise:

Look at how you prepare for the trading day from the moment you wake up.  Look at how you approach your trading, how you make your decisions, how you deal with the ups and downs of P/L.  Look at how you review your trading day and how you spend your time outside of markets.  

If someone were filming you throughout all of these parts of your day, would you be proud of the film?  Would you want to show it to developing traders as a role model for how they should approach their craft?

We internalize what we do.  We are always our own role models.  If we would not be proud to display our lives to others, what does it say about what we're willing to accept for ourselves?

Think of all the qualities you associate with good trading and be those things in your day to day life.  There is so much more to preparing for success than jotting notes in a journal.

Radical Renewal:  Spirituality and Trading