Sunday, October 04, 2020

How To Make Big Changes In Your Trading Psychology

Hate can be your ally in making changes.

If you get to the point of actually *hating* your trading problems, you push those problems away from you.  You don't identify with them.  You don't lazily fall into them.

If you *hate* frustration and what it does to your trading, you're not likely to mindlessly fall into a frustrated mode.

What if you visualized your trading problem as being the one thing standing between you and success, between you and a bright future?  If a person stood in the way of your fulfillment, you would hate that person and fight them with everything you had.  Suppose that was your attitude toward your overtrading, your trading on TILT, your reluctance to take signals?

You can make big changes in your trading psychology when your priority is conquering your enemy, not making money.  The P/L is the payoff; the battle is with your enemy.  

You cannot truly love your success without hating what stands in its way.

This week's Three Minute Trading Coach video provides some perspective on how we can win our battle with our enemy.