Sunday, October 11, 2020

Making Friends With Discomfort

Life is a gym.

Every day is an opportunity for a workout, to make ourselves stronger, more fit.

We can exercise our relationships, our patience, our focus, our persistence, our discipline, our learning, our trading--or we can go through the motions and never build ourselves up.

A good workout on the treadmill has us breaking a sweat.

A good workout on the weight machines has us straining to finish that final set of reps.

If a workout doesn't challenge us, we don't grow.  If we don't experience discomfort, we don't change.  Indeed, if we don't use a capacity, we lose it.  

Successful people are always working out, always growing their capacities.  That means that they make friends with discomfort.

No one has ever grown by remaining in their comfort zones.

Trading success is so much more than "following your process."  Your premarket preparation, your trading activities, your reviews and goal-setting for the next day's trading--all must be workouts, not rote processes.  

Those who don't workout are quickly out of work.

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