Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why Are Your Strengths Important To Your Trading?

Our strengths reflect what we do well:  they are the essence of us at our best.

Engaging our strengths is naturally enjoyable and fulfilling, giving us energy and fueling our performance.

We are most likely to pour ourselves into our work and relationships and find success if our work and relationships actively engage our strengths.

One source of failure, in trading and in all of life, occurs when we fail to recognize and play to our strengths.

Another source of failure occurs when we overutilize strengths and become one-sided and rigid.

An important source of personal and trading growth comes from building our latent strengths:  those capabilities we haven't fully developed.

Tracking our successes and failures can teach us a great deal about our strengths and how we need to deploy those.

The techniques that are most effective in building our strengths are different from those used by psychologists to correct weaknesses.

In coming posts and webinars, I will be helping traders identify their core and latent strengths and figure out how to best make use of those in their trading.  

Let's grow.  


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