Saturday, July 25, 2020

Take A Personality Strengths Quiz!

Below are 18 adjectives.  Please select the six that best describe you, where number one is the adjective most like you, number 2 is next most like you, etc.  

Disciplined Organized Diligent
Calm Competent Prudent
Friendly Energetic Outgoing
Intellectually Curious Loves Variety Accepts Others
Cooperative Caring Helpful
Achievement Oriented Competitive Driven

Save your results.  In the next post, I will go into detail about what your choices tell you about your personality strengths and what those mean for your trading. 

Please refer to the previous post regarding the role of strengths in our trading (and life) performance.   

I'll post the key to the questionnaire later this weekend, and we can explore how our best trading comes from the best inside us!

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