Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Few Big Ideas For The Weekend

Here are a few thoughts and links for the weekend:

*  The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that we repeat in our day-to-day lives are those that will inevitably dominate our trading.  Our trading psychology will never be better than the psychology of our daily lives.

*  Successful people--and successful traders--face limitations and restrictions creatively, by finding new ways to thrive in their new environments:  How we make working from home work for us.

*  Amazing things happen when team becomes a verb--something we do--and not just a noun: The workplace (and teamwork) of the future will be a flexible one.

*  If the Fed indeed targets an *average* inflation rate of 2%, then it will tolerate periods of even higher inflation without tightening policy.  Stocks, commodities, bonds:  could we be relatively early in the process of fueling asset inflation?  

*  Greatness is the sum of small improvements, rigorously and continually implemented: The goal is consistency, not just profitability.

Very big picture thinking from Ray Dalio re: historical cycles and what they mean for the U.S. and the U.S. dollar.

*  Achievement is a twin function of 1) pushing ourselves to do better and 2) being pulled by a vision of what is possible.  The first gives us our direction; the second provides our energy.

Have a great weekend--