Saturday, June 27, 2020

Valuable Trading Psychology Lessons From My Cats

Well, at present we have four rescue cats and that makes for a full house.  Every morning they wake me up (around 4 AM), and I start every morning by petting them, feeding them, and cleaning up their litter.  I'm a firm believer that we set the tone for our day by what we do at the start of the day.  I don't start by looking at market quotes, news, emails, or chats.  I start by loving and serving those I love.

Actions, repeated, transform us: We become what we do.

Here are three trading lessons I've learned from our cats over the years:

*  We can overcome even the greatest adversity by making use of the strengths we have and finding something in our environment that engages us:  The story of Mali

*  If we want to change a negative pattern in our thinking, feeling, or acting, we need to tap into a motivation greater than the one that underlies our problems:  The story of Naomi

*  We don't create our opportunities.  We put everything of ourselves out there, and opportunity finds us:  The story of Mia

Once we can put our egos aside, we can learn from everything in life--even humble cats.