Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Reprocessing Emotions For A New Trading Psychology

Our losses, our mistakes are part of who we are.  We cannot eliminate all emotion around our setbacks, nor do we want to.  Self esteem means embracing the experiences that shape us, including the bad and the good.  All are potential fuel for learning.

Imagine vividly mentally rehearsing making various trading mistakes and, during the visualizations, filling yourself with excitement over learning from these or gratitude for the opportunity to learn or peacefulness over the realization that you can embrace the losses and move forward.  Again, again, again, you conduct the visualizations while keeping yourself in an eager mindset, a learning mindset, a grateful mindset, a peaceful mindset.  With that repetition, we reprocess our emotions, so that, in real time, what we rehearse will become our experience, because it has become part of us.  

This Forbes article explains how we can develop an enhanced mindset: one that we can rehearse as part of reprocessing.  This short video introduces the mindset concept.

Experiencing our problems in a fresh mindset: this is a powerful avenue for creating a new trading psychology.