Saturday, June 06, 2020

Three Research-Backed Ways To Change Your Trading Psychology

The problems that affect our lives--and that interfere with our trading--are patterned.  All of us have patterns of thought, behavior, and/or feeling that disrupt our work, our relationships, and our activities in markets.  Most often, those patterns are triggered by emotional events.  Once triggered, they can control us.  That loss of control can be devastating for our trading.

We change our trading psychology by: a) becoming aware of our patterns and triggers; b) interrupting those; and c) teaching ourselves to do something different in those situations.  If we can practice identifying, interrupting, and shifting our patterns, we can regain control over our lives and trading.

Recent videos from the Three Minute Trading Coach series highlight specific, research-based ways of changing our patterns and shifting our trading psychology:

This video teaches a technique to change your mental and physical state when you notice a trigger situation, so that you can focus yourself and regain control in real time.

This video shows how the technique can be used during your preparation for trading, so that you can anticipate triggers and defuse them before they occur!

This video shows how you can use the technique during your mental rehearsals of good trading, so that you literally train your mindset to be at its best when you're trading your best.

The beauty of this is that, by practicing these techniques regularly, you can become your own trading coach.  Those are skills you will have for life, and they will help you in many areas of life.  Once we gain control over our repetitive problem patterns, we open a whole new world of freedom and performance.

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