Monday, March 26, 2018

The Greatest Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Odds Of Trading Success

In a recent blog post, I emphasized that it is what sets our soul on fire that leads to sustained learning.  We experience the exercise of our unique strengths as particularly meaningful and rewarding.  That's what sets our souls on fire.  It's also what we learn with pleasure.  The rewarding, pleasurable aspect of learning cements lessons for us and drives us forward on our learning curves.

There is a huge implication of this line of thought:

We can best improve our odds of trading success by structuring our development processes to maximize the intrinsic rewards of learning.  

Please let that sink in.  We can greatly accelerate our growth as traders by structuring our learning in the right ways:  focusing on the right skills, but also focusing on the right ways to work on these skills.

We learn via mastery, not via randomness or frustration.  Improving our curriculum--our learning process--is the single greatest thing we can do to increase our odds of getting to that proverbial next level of performance.

Many times we struggle with trading because we are not on a developmental path that allows us to learn with pleasure.  We focus on the wrong things--we don't draw upon our actual strengths--and so we unwittingly fight learning every step of the way with frustration and distraction.

At 5 PM on Wednesday, April 11th, Mike Bellafiore of SMB Training and I will be presenting a free workshop as part of the Wealth 365 online conference event.  That workshop will cover two vital areas of trading development:  1) specific skills to work on; and 2) ways of structuring the learning to maximize our learning curves.  Mike and I work together with developing traders at a prop firm and we see what has led to success and what has not.  In this workshop, we will share that experience so that you can greatly improve the effectiveness of your learning.

The entire Wealth365 event is free; you can register here.  I look forward to seeing you!