Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Focusing on What Really Creates Your Trading Success

One of the most important articles I've written was recently posted to Forbes.  It examines the odds of sustained trading success and the factors that raise those odds.

It turns out that trading success requires:  a) personality strengths; b) cognitive strengths; and c) a developmental process that leverages those strengths in finding good risk/reward opportunities.

Great performers--great actors/actresses, great athletes, great musicians--are great at some-thing.  When we're great at something, we intrinsically enjoy exercising those talents and skills.  That intrinsic excitement drives and supercharges our learning process.

Elite performance never came from standard learning efforts.  It's what sets our soul on fire that leads to deep and sustained learning.

What sets your soul on fire, in and out of markets?  Most likely, that's the performance path to pursue.

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