Friday, March 30, 2018

Spirituality and Trading: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Markets

Is there, perhaps, a greater reason and purpose for your pursuit of financial markets?  Something more than PnL?

  *Are markets your path for learning self-awareness and self-control?

  *Are markets your path for learning to appreciate and detect the complex order in the world?

  *Are markets your path for understanding the world deeply and creatively?

  *Are markets your path for overcoming ego and self-absorption?

This is the paradox of trading:  It is a supremely materialistic pursuit that requires the greatest of spiritual virtues.

Pursued properly, trading refines the heart, brain, and soul.

I recently published one of the only full articles on the spirituality of trading.  It's a topic some of us may be uncomfortable with, even as it addresses the issues we're all familiar with.

What if it's not just about controlling and learning from your emotions and becoming a better analyzer of market patterns and themes?  What if trading is about developing ourselves--all of our selves?

Achieving in the material world by refining ourselves spiritually:  I believe this is one of the most promising frontiers of trading--and performance--psychology.

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