Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Turning Goals Into Priorities

An insightful post from @ivanhoff lists his takeaways from the popular book The One Thing, including the importance of focusing on the one thing that matters the most in terms of reaching your goal.

Not goals.  Goal.

Not many things.  One thing.

That is prioritization.  

Too often, we set multiple goals and never drill down and truly accomplish any of them.  We try different things to reach our goals, patting ourselves on the back for multitasking, when in fact we never become distinctively good at any of the things we're doing.

In short, we take on too much and water down our priorities.

The idea is focus like a laser on what you want to achieve and the best way for you to achieve it.  That's more than goal setting: it's commitment.

If you don't have a singular, passionate, all-consuming commitment to a goal right here, right now, what will lead you to singular successes going forward?  

If your work is tiring you, it's not inspiring you.  It's time to stop prioritizing your schedules and start scheduling your priority.

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