Sunday, November 09, 2014

Viewing and Reviewing for the Market Week Ahead

*  Above is a chart that tracks the balance between buying and selling activity across NYSE shares, derived from uptick/downtick data.  You can see that downticks dominated during the peaking process in September and bottomed ahead of price in October, before a significant burst of buying off the October lows.  Net buying has diminished from that initial burst, but we are not yet seeing the kind of selling pressure that was present at the September highs.

Excellent post from The Mathematical Investor on false claims to precision in financial data.

*  Abnormal Returns continues to find excellent podcast resources for traders, including an interview with Matt McClusky on the training of elite athletes.

Insightful reflections on the market week from Victor Niederhoffer. 

*  I find it interesting that Stock Twits message volume on IWM (as well as other index ETFs) peaked at the October low and social sentiment on IWM has been drifting lower through the rally since then.

Intriguing look from Alpha Architect at how the performance of stocks is affected by their being part of indexes that investment firms use as benchmarks.

Sign of the times via Barry Ritholtz:  media proclaims it's officially a secular bull market.

*  Reformed Broker on the misleading distinction between passive and active investment alternatives.

Have a great start to the week!