Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fresh Perspectives From Trading Coaches

In this post, I thought I would step back and pass along worthwhile ideas from a variety of trading coaches who post to social media.  Ultimately, my hope is that the ideas on this blog--and the ones that I link--can become fuel for your own self-coaching.  The more I stay in this business, the more I realize that the really successful money managers and traders are those who spend as much time studying themselves (and their trading) as they do studying markets.  For them, self-mastery is as much the motivation to compete in markets as making money.  As we launch into a weekend, these posts might spark some self-coaching insights:

Self-coaching and lessons from basketball - From TraderFeed

When perceived risk outweighs actual risk - From Richard Peterson and MarketPsych

What portfolio managers can learn from the World Cup - From Doug Hirschhorn 

Using feelings in trading - From Denise Shull and ReThink

Developing emotional self-awareness - From Andrew Menaker

What is the best style for coaching yourself? - From TraderFeed

How our brains respond to bubbles - From Richard Peterson and MarketPsych

Why women make great portfolio managers - From Doug Hirschhorn

Performing under pressure vs. choking - From Bruce Bower

Empathy and intuition as trading styles - From Denise Shull and ReThink

The psychology of openness and adaptability - From Richard Peterson and MarketPsych

Self-talk and self-coaching - From TraderFeed

Have a great start to the weekend!