Sunday, November 23, 2014

Good Reads to Wrap Up the Weekend

Some interesting findings about gratitude:  it is significantly and positively correlated with life satisfaction, vitality (energy), happiness, optimism, and empathy.  It is significantly and negatively correlated with anxiety and depression.  People who write a journal about things they are grateful for vs. people who keep a journal of their daily hassles and problems end up experiencing more positive emotion, better health, and greater optimism.  We can train ourselves to be more grateful, and that brings significant positive benefit.

*  Views on all-weather portfolios, Tony Robbins, simplifying your life, high yield divergences with stocks, and much more from Abnormal Returns.

*  Excellent perspectives on trading as a peak performance activity from SMB.

*  Thanks also to Steve from SMB for calling attention to this article on how automation can make us less intelligent.

*  Valuable look at facts and fantasies regarding factor-based investing.

*  Why unsexy low-beta stock sectors can be better investments than high beta/high volatility ones.

Have a great start to the week!