Monday, August 25, 2014

More Rules for Life and Trading

A while back I submitted five rules for life to a website of the same name.  Here were my rules nearly 10 years ago:

1)  In life, do good and do well.  Real success comes from pursuing your talents and enriching the world with their expression.

2)  They lead best who follow their calling.  Those who follow a genuine calling set an inspiring example with their actions.

3)  Not all who rave are divinely inspired.  Passion without wisdom is mere noise.

4)  True love never dies; it has to be killed.  Love is making another's happiness your own.

5)  Be your ideals; in some measure you're already who you want to become.  Conscious living is striving to be who you are when you are at your best.

Those rules have pretty well stood the test of time for me.  Here are a few more rules I'd add at this juncture:

6)  You can't save damsels who love their distress.  Saving people (and organizations) that aren't ready for change is one of life's more frustrating experiences--for all involved.

7)  To make dreams come true, you first have to wake up.  Dreams and visions mean little if you're not out of your bed and working toward them.

8)  Everything in life is use it or lose it.  What didn't you do today?  This week?  This month?  Those are the things you're losing.

9)  You are what you eat--and you are always eating life experience.  Life is a mirror; we internalize the things we do and the people we know.  Choose your diet wisely.

10)  When you are open to opportunity, opportunity opens to youWhen you put yourself out there with everything you've got, great things can happen.

So that's it; five more rules for life--and, of course, for trading.  

What makes trading, like any performance field, great is that it teaches us life lessons at the same time that it hones our skills.  Great activities yield wisdom as well as knowledge.

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