Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Fresh Perspectives in the Financial Media: The Reformed Broker

In coming posts, I am going to highlight blog sites that provide perspective different from the standard fare of financial media and blogosphere.  As I mentioned in the recent post about shaking confirmation bias, fresh inputs help us see the world through different lenses and assess our own thinking from perspectives we ordinarily would never have taken.

Today's featured site is Joshua Brown's The Reformed Broker.  A great introduction to his writing can be found in his list of "greatest hits".

Worth a special read is Joshua's post on the great disconnect in the financial media.  In the search for eyeballs and traffic for advertisers, the financial media pays far too much attention on the headlines of the moment and the hype of late-breaking news than on the enduring needs and interests of the investors who make up a large part of the financial public.

Another eye-opening perspective is Joshua's recent post on interest rate risk.  The reach for current yield at some point will end poorly in terms of total return.  At some point, he observes, there are going to be difficult times for those who have migrated to the perceived safety of bonds.

Finally, check out the link selection from The Reformed Broker.  As I have noted with respect to the dedicated link site Abnormal Returns, when smart people select readings for you, you almost certainly will be exposed to views that fall outside your comfort--and bias--zone.

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