Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fresh Insights from the Blogosphere

One thing I find among successful money managers and traders is that their idea wheels more than keep pace with the changes in markets.  Here are a few sites you may not be familiar with that might contribute to your idea wheel velocity!

James Clear writes clearly and insightfully about elite performance.  Check out his post on the trajectory of success among creative geniuses; also his post on getting past procrastination; and what we can learn about success from Richard Branson. 

*  Check out the unique industry perspectives from Simple Alternatives, including a great deal of performance on hedge fund performance; the falling correlations among stocks; and the relative performance of various hedge fund strategies.

*  Lots of insights from James Altucher, including what you need to become a great leader; lessons learned from Shark Tank; and Warren Buffett's approach to stock picking

The more I scour the blogosphere, the more I'm impressed with the sheer scope of information and perspective out there.  It's difficult to become stale when you're regularly exposing yourself to fresh ideas!