Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Resources for Continuing Trading Education

Lots of good conditions for learning out there:

*  This new Masters in Business interview series by Barry Ritholtz looks especially promising;

Excellent selected readings from Abnormal Returns; interesting to see lots of talk about bubbles lately;

The $STUDY posts to StockTwits invariably have material worth learning from;  

*  Great interviews via the Michael Covel podcasts;

*  Almost always a good quant read on the Whole Street site, including specific trading strategies;

*  Very useful market pattern studies from Rob Hanna's Quantifiable Edges

*  FinViz does a great job of tracking relative sector performance and industry performance.

Index Indicators is a very useful site for breadth information and more, including backtests of indicators.

Stock Charts has charts of relative performance and much more.

*  I respect StockSpotter for posting ongoing performance of their stock picks; truly unique service.

Creating your own learning culture; which is why links such as the above are so important.