Friday, July 25, 2014

Maximizing Personal Energy: Turning Goals Into Achievements

There's a very important distinction between activities and people that give us energy and those that sap our energy.  Imagine spending time adjusting the thermostats in your house and installing sophisticated heating and cooling systems while leaving all the windows wide open.  That's what we commonly do:  we manage our time, but allow energy to leak through the windows of our lives.  By spending time in low energy activities, by surrounding ourselves with low energy people, by failing to engage in the sleeping, eating, and exercising activities that could energize us, we live life in less than an energized mode. 

How many of our trading lapses, whether in concentration or discipline, occur because we are operating at a low level of willpower, our concentration fatigued, our focus lost?

Imagine if the overriding priority in your life was to keep yourself at a maximum level of mental, physical, and emotional energy.  What would you be doing to maintain that state?  What would you eliminate from your life to stay at your peak?

The answer to a leaking gas tank is not to fill up your car every few hours.  

Goals without energy are simply good intentions.

The car takes us much further when we repair the gas tank.

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