Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quantitative Resources for Discretionary Traders

My recent post on aligning the head and heart in trading reflects my observation that many of the most successful traders I've known meld discretionary and quantitative elements in their approaches to trading.  In doing so, discretionary traders with a demonstrated edge in their decision-making can add additional sources of edge based upon rigorously researched and tested historical patterns.

There are a number of quant blogs and sites that detail market strategies and provide starting points for generating one's own testable ideas.  The blogrolls on The Whole Street site and the Quantivity site provide an excellent starting point.  Some interesting sources I have encountered include Nautilus Research; Quantified Strategies; CSS Analytics; Millenial Invest; StockSpotter; Quantifiable Edges; Market Tells; Paststat; Sentimentrader; Quant Research; and Financial Math

For those interested in developing trading systems, check out Adaptrade, including these articles, as well as Trade Station, including their user group, and Ninja Trader

For those interested in stock screening and backtesting stock screening criteria, check out Trade Ideas.  

If you have other favorite quant tools and sites, by all means feel free to recommend them via comments to this post.  Thanks!


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