Friday, June 06, 2014

What Value Is There in Trading?

Spending time in medieval villages in Spain provides a unique experience of being immersed in history.  It's one thing to read about what happened in the world; another thing to see the places, touch the buildings, and walk the steps of those who lived that history.

One very enjoyable part of the trip was the opportunity to interview with Ima Sanchis from La Vanguardia, with capable translation assistance from Mr. Sergio Malagon.  That interview should appear in Monday's paper, and I will see about providing a link when it's available.  

Ms. Sanchis asked many good questions, but one that stood out concerned the value of trading.  After all, most people in their work provide specific products or services.  What does a trader provide?

I addressed this issue in this post and in this one.

My reply to Ms. Sanchis is that what I need to do to become a better trader--the capacity to think fast and deeply; the emotional self-control and self-awareness; the ability to adapt to challenging, uncertain situations--are exactly the things I need to do to be a better psychologist, a better husband, and a better parent.

That is the beauty of the performance pursuit:  in honing ourselves, we enhance our life--and the lives of those we touch.  I may not make money every day, but a trading session is only a total loss if it hasn't taught me something that will make me better in all respects.