Sunday, June 08, 2014

Toward an Olympic Training Program for Traders

Starting this week, TraderFeed will be taking a pause and posting on a weekly rather than daily basis.  This is because I am pursuing a number of new directions in markets and coaching and need to focus attention on those.  My goal is to integrate elements from those projects in my weekly posts and push the envelope in terms of integrating market analysis, trading practice, and psychology.

As you may have gathered from my recent posts, I have developed a deep interest in melding mentorship and coaching by driving both to real time and creating ever more powerful performance-based learning.  Bringing together high-level trader training and trading psychology--in real time--is the closest I can imagine to an Olympic training program for traders. 

That is the vision:  an Olympic-style training program for traders.  There are elite institutions for training musicians, artists, athletes, physicians, and scholars.  Where is there elite training for traders?  Not in the seminars that promote the usual hash of technical analysis.  Not in coaching that imposes a psychotherapy model of intervention on a performance development process.  Not in classrooms, not in consulting offices--because none of those are real time, and none integrate the learning and hands-on skill development that is central to expertise development.

I look forward to chronicling this pursuit in coming posts.  As always, I deeply appreciate the interest and support of readers.