Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trading in Control: Webinar Today at 4:30 PM ET

The Brian Tracy quote is a relevant one for traders, because we cannot control markets and yet we can control how we respond to markets.  We have no control over the outcome of any single trade, but we can control when we trade, how we trade, and how much we risk in trading.

Many of the emotional disruptions of trading described by market participants can be conceptualized as problems of undercontrol and overcontrol.  Undercontrol reflects impulsive, unplanned trading:  placing captial at risk when opportunity is not there.  Overcontrol can be seen in overanalysis and a failure to pull the trigger when genuine opportunity is present.

Somewhere between undercontrol and overcontrol is an optimal degree of control that reflects what traders describe as being "in the zone".  

What are methods for dealing with undercontrol and overcontrol--and how can we escape the spiral that occurs when we oscillate from one to the other?

That will be a main topic of my webinar today at 4:30 PM ET, hosted by the Big Mike Trading Forum.  Participation is free, but advance registration is required.  I will follow up the webinar with posts on the topic.  Hope to see you at the session, and hope you get one of the ten autographed books Mike and I will be giving away to participants who answer quiz questions based on the presentation!