Thursday, September 04, 2008

Resources for Learning How to Trade

I want to thank the many readers who took the time to comment so generously on my last post, outlining the "Introduction to Trading" project that I'll be starting with tomorrow's blog post. Earlier today, on the Trading Coach site, I posted several links to resources that might be helpful for developing traders, with a specific focus on how to trade. On that same site, you'll find links to the contributors to the Trading Coach book; their sites offer excellent resources for those looking to develop as traders.

Here are some worthy book resources:

From Brian Shannon: Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

From Jim Dalton and colleagues: Mind Over Markets; Markets in Profile

From Ray Barros: The Nature of Trends

From John Forman: The Essentials of Trading

Many resources on the blogosphere are included in the links above, but a few bear special mention:

Trader Mike's "Key Posts" at the left of his blog page;

Brian Shannon's videos illustrating the application of technical analysis;

Corey Rosenbloom's Afraid to Trade blog;

Chris Perruna's "Top 20 Posts" at the top right of his blog page;

Ray Barros' Trading Success blog.

What other sites have helped you learn how to trade? I'm sure I'm leaving out plenty of good sources. Leave your suggestions in a comment to this post! Thanks as always--