Monday, September 01, 2008

More Site Seeing for a Holiday Weekend

Many Thanks - As I wind down the writing of my new book, I want to acknowledge once again the 18 contributors to Chapter Nine. Their websites are linked here and make for some great reading.

Learning to Win - Stuart Schneiderman offers perspectives on overcoming the traumas of financial losses. Here's another interesting post on mental toughness; anyone who reads Stephen Hunter and his Bob Lee Swagger books will recognize the performance insights.

Monitoring the Markets - Check out the Market Monitor offered by the SaneBull site; great way of staying on top of quotes and news.

Seeing the Data - Thanks to Jorge, a very alert reader, for the link to this interesting site that creates visualizations of data. He also shares this N.Y Times article on data visualization and the site. I really appreciate it when readers alert me (and other readers) to interesting resources and information.

Perceptual Dilemmas - Traders Tee Time offers an interesting post on the trading dilemma zone, something that discretionary daytraders will be able to relate to.

Going Live - Mark Wolfinger has begun offering live options trading via his blog (valuable learning tool); he emphasizes learning from examples, not copying them. Great stuff.

Reviewing Performance - Don Miller takes a look at his equity curve month by month, with a clever psychological twist: starting each month in the hole.

Trend and Noise - Proprietary Trader offers some thoughts on shorter time frame and longer time frame trading and the difference between the two.

Trading Patterns - An interview with Suri Duddella discusses his approaches to trading and some of the patterns he trades.

Buying What's Been Beaten Down - Here's an interesting blog tracking a portfolio of eight beaten down stocks; one kind of value trading/investing.