Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend Links: Volume Two

* A Dash of Credit Market Insight - A Dash of Insight takes a look at the divergence between earnings expectations for stocks and messages from the credit markets. See also the ETFs currently recommended by their model.

* A Test of Technical Analysis - CXO Advisory reports on a study of over 7800 technical analysis rules applied to long-term Dow Jones Industrial Average data and finds room for skepticism.

* Where Jobs Are Being Lost - Calculated Risk looks at the data and the toll being taken by the housing slowdown.

* What If the Fed *Doesn't* Go 75 bps? - Econobrowser looks at implications for commodities.

* Finding Yield - Retail investors are jumping into municipal bonds, attracted by yields favorable compared with taxables, according to Accrued Interest.

* It's Who You Know That Counts - Research Recap reports on a very surprising predictor of analyst accuracy with stock recommendations.

* Next We'll Get Rid of Bars on Charts - StockTickr finds an unusual aid to trading that makes a good amount of psychological sense.