Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Trading Links - Volume One

* Good Sentiment Observation - I see Trader Mike is noticing hits on his site coming from traders of inverse ETFs. Very nice potential sentiment tell. Put/call ratios have been very high this week; I'll post on that over the weekend.

* Preparation for the Trading Day - Meanwhile, in case you haven't noticed, Mike posts both swing trade candidates and daily stock names for his watchlist; very useful for active traders. Here's a link to his swing trading rules. Charles Kirk also features a pre-opening list of gainers and losers, with chart links. (Note the wide range of topics Kirk is addressing with members of his site; looks great). More preparation for the day is offered by Alpha Trends, which summarizes technical themes and trading ideas in a useful video format. Excellent resources.

* Peer Effects - Very interesting idea from Abnormal Returns that pertains to trading firms as well as blogs: excellence among peers make us better. Check out the recent links at Abnormal Returns, including posts on worrisome credit spreads.

* Weakening Trend - The Big Picture charts the weakening jobs picture and the troubling picture with home equity.

* Best of Chris - Chris Perruna links his top 20 posts: good weekend reading here.

* Fascinating Indicator - VIX and More tracks the SPX:VIX ratio and finds a possible turn in the tide.