Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Trio of Currency Trends and Other Market Views

* A Trio of Trending Currency Pairs - Excellent charts from the Barchart site show a steady appreciation of the Yuan vs. the U.S. Dollar; considerable Euro strength vs. the British Pound; and a generally strengthening Yen vs. U.S. Dollar. Indeed, the U.S. Dollar has looked weak vs. the Euro and the Yen, reflecting diversification of currency reserves overseas.

* S&P Resistance - The broken trendline in the S&P 500 Index is now acting as resistance, as charted by Trader Mike.

* To the Rescue? - Kirk offers more fine links, including a very interesting one on the "plunge protection team" coming to the stock market's aid.

* Which Period Are We In? - Henry Carstens finds different expectations going forward depending if we view the current market as similar to 2000-2002 or similar to any time since 1982 other than 2000-2002.

* Rolling Over - Millionaire Now! looks for a big rollover, with an unwinding of leveraged assets. If Barry Ritholtz is correct, investors have further to go in their grief work.

* Bottoming? - Abnormal Returns links a number of excellent posts, including an indicator at bottoming levels and a view of the relationship between currency and stock markets.

* Top Research Stories - Research Recap highlights the top stories of 2007.