Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on the Trader Coaching Project

I recently announced a Trader Coaching project on my Trader Performance page and on this blog. The idea was to select a single trader to coach--free of charge--for a month and then post the ongoing process and results to the blog, so that readers could learn from the experience.

The response to the project has been overwhelming, and I thank everyone who has volunteered. At this juncture I must stop accepting volunteers and spend my time responding to the many fine traders who have expressed interest. It's a highly diverse group, from beginners to pros, with many applicants coming from outside the U.S.

If I have not yet gotten back to you, please don't take this as an indication of a lack of interest. I did not plan for so many responses, and--given that I'm leaving town for two days to work with traders--I won't be making any selection until the weekend. I will personally respond to each trader who has expressed interest, however.

If the project proves valuable for all concerned, I'll certainly be willing to take on another trader as an educational project on the blog. Thanks again for your interest and support; I'm hopeful that this will be a unique and worthwhile experience.