Monday, May 28, 2007

Reading for the Long Weekend

* A Look Beneath the Market Surface - The updated Trading Psychology Weblog reviews markets, indicators, and money flows and takes a glance at the week ahead.

* Trader Coaching Project - I'll take on one trader for a month free of charge and we'll document the process on this blog. Details are on the Trader Performance page.

* Andrew Lo on Trading Psychology - Great post from the Daily Speculations site on Dr. Lo's Adaptive Market Hypothesis.

* Interesting New Charting Application - Stock Spy integrates RSS feeds directly into the charts, so you see the news and the buzz along with price, volume, and indicators.

* Margin Debt Exploding - David Korn, in his excellent newsletter, notes that, since August, margin debt has increased at a 67% annual clip. He also notes that money continues to flow into domestic and international equity funds.

* Breaking Bad Habits - Practical advice from Dr. Bruce Hong, who stresses the importance of self observation.

* Is Directional Trading the Way to Go? - Matt at C++ trader provides a thoughtful perspective on directional and non-directional trading for retail traders.

* Oil Stocks Worth a Look - I recently noted the huge money flows into energy issues. This Seeking Alpha post reports on seven issues to consider for ownership.

* Alternative Energy - InvesLogic aggregates feeds from a variety of blogs in the alternative energy space. Excellent way to generate ideas, track trends.

* Memorial Day Linkfest - The Big Picture reviews the economy and markets, including a look at the fastest growing tech firms.