Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Trader Coaching Project

TraderFeed will be going behind the doors of a trading psychologist. I've just announced on my Trader Performance page that I will be taking on one trader for coaching completely free of charge for the period of one month. The "catch" is that the trader must agree to sharing summaries of the coaching as part of posts to TraderFeed. That will enable all readers to potentially benefit from the coaching. During the month, we'll learn about a trader and his/her challenges; how we're tackling those challenges; and the progress we make.

If you're interested in being considered as the trader for this project, check out my post to the Trader Performance page and send me an email as outlined in the instructions. Please note that I can only accept one trader at this time, but if the project goes well, I'll be happy to open it up to other traders.

My hope is that this creates a unique learning experience for all involved; thanks for your interest!



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