Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Worthy Reads For A Thursday Night

It's so nice to have finally found a good online connection here at the convention facility. If you've emailed me or sent blog comments, I'll get to the backlog ASAP. (I had 812 emails in my inbox when I opened it a few minutes ago!) I'll also be updating the Weblog by late Friday.

Meanwhile, here's some great reads from across the financial blogosphere:

Michelle B. via Trader Mike discusses finding your trading niche. See also Mike's post on moving averages--a nice concept you can apply to tracking your trading results.

Lots of good links from Charles Kirk, including fear and greed and a worthy simulation platform.

What to make of the low VIX? Views from Adam Warner.

Has there *really* been Fed tightening? Great blog spotlight from The Big Picture.

Inflation, money supply, and more among the links at Abnormal Returns.

Zoom-mobile stock picks from Jon Markman.

Do-it-yourself hedge funds from CXO Advisory.

Maximizing your returns, a quant view from Dr. Chan. Here's a psych perspective on returns from Random Roger.