Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Morning Links and Notes

Here's an intraday trading pattern that has performed quite well over the last three weeks, with a nod to the Trade Ideas Odds Maker.

There are many new Web 2.0 tools to help you research your trading ideas.

I'll be attending the Futures Trading Summit in Las Vegas this week and giving a presentation on Wednesday. Some of my upcoming blog posts will summarize what I've learned from this multi-day event. Both days of the Summit will be streamed over the Web for online registrants.

The next Morning With the Doc will be Wednesday, November 22nd. We'll follow the market in real time and see if we can track patterns with a historical edge.

Carl Futia lays out his scenario for this market, drawing upon the work of George Lindsay.

Here are Charles Kirk's premarket trading ideas.

Here's what Trader Mike is looking at in early trade.

Here's trading ideas from Alpha Trends.

Have a great start to your week!