Saturday, November 18, 2006

Heads Up: Morning With the Doc Session This Week

The next Morning With the Doc session will be held this coming Wednesday, starting before the open with market prep and original research to help us trade that day.

One of the comments that came from attendees at the Futures Trading Summit was a desire for more live trading educational sessions. That makes a great deal of sense. Teaching a person what to look for in a market is quite different from illustrating its recognition in real time. Many chart patterns, for instance, are far more recognizable in retrospect than during their formation. Live training is key to every performance field, from athletics to the elite military. Why should trading be any different?

During the Morning With the Doc sessions, I track the market on this blog in real time and tell you what I'm seeing and thinking. I also point out any trades that I make. Here's the transcript of the last session and the one before that. My hope is that my mistakes as well as my good observations will be real time learning experiences and a model of one way to look at markets. The idea is not to mimic me, but to take away pieces of what I do that can supplement your own talents and skills.

This Wednesday, I'll focus on two themes:

1) Integrating research concerning the day ahead into the minute-to-minute reading of the market;

2) Picking up as quickly as possible whether or not we're in a trending or bracketing market for the day.

I'll also talk a bit about finding your niche as a trader and maximizing opportunity from market patterns.

If there are other themes you'd like me to touch upon, feel free to mention these as comments to this post. My goal is to make these sessions as useful as possible. Thanks for your interest and support.