Monday, March 30, 2009

More On Free Trader Resources

My last post outlined several new resources for developing traders. One of the most popular resources has been the Twitter posts, which have included links to important market themes, daily market indicator readings, and intraday market comments. Subscription to the Twitter feed is free, providing a blog within the TraderFeed blog.

It's important, however, to have a big picture grasp of markets and how they move. For that reason, I began an e-book project that I called "An Introduction to Trading". The goal was to provide a conceptual framework for short-term trading that could aid active traders. This week, I will resume writing chapters for the book. All chapters are archived here, on the Trading Coach blog.

Eventually the book will include annotated charts with examples of trading patterns. The Twitter posts will then help to identify these patterns in real time. My hope is that the combination of the resources will provide practical guidance for traders who cannot afford thousands of dollars for education and training. The beauty of an e-book is that it can always be updated and revised, and it's available in real time for anyone in the world who has an online connection.

Thanks as always for your interest and support--



IDkit aka Ana said...

Congratulations, Brett, once more, for this ebook : An Introduction to Trading, which chapters you have archived at your Trading Coach blog.

The comments therein will certainly highlight the salient points of good trading practices.

The greatest benefit of this ebook is that you can revise, add to it to update whenever.

Hsieh hsieh ni.

OKL said...

Hey Doc, just finished reading your two previous books; "The Psychology of Trading" and "Enhancing Trader Performance".

Top drawer stuff I must say, well written and coming from a psychologist/trader, it is a stunning insight to the mind.

Highly recommended! =)

I'm trying to get my brother, who is studying psychology, to read those books heh... I used to think psychologists spoke a bunch of nonsense, but after reading the 2 books, I got a whole new respect for the profession.

Once again, top drawer stuff- I might not have slain the Medusa, but your book provided the mirror.

OKL said...


Talk about slaying the Medusa!

2 Trades today:

Shorted at 789, covered at 776.75 (order was 777, but somehow- dont ask me)

Long at 776.5, covered at 783.75 (close)


Curtis said...

Appreciate all the work you're doing. Just got your new book. I have high hopes for it! Thanks again.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks much for the support and feedback!