Sunday, February 05, 2023

What is the Path to Your Greatness?


Many traders long for great profits.  How many do truly great things to achieve those profits?  If you were to do the things that would earn unusually positive returns, you would be doing unique things--you would be far from consensus.  You would have unique ways of generating ideas and managing the positions based on those ideas. You would have an ongoing pipeline of projects to get better and better and exploit new and different market conditions.  You would not be a one-trick pony making money in bull or bear markets or in conditions of volatility.  You would cultivate ways of succeeding across many market conditions.

Most importantly, great people don't magically achieve their status.  Their greatness comes from doing unique and special things each day, each week.  I invite you to read this older post:  It asks the important question, "How can people experience themselves greatly if there's no single thing during the day that they undertake in an exemplary way?"

Greatness does not come from working harder at routine activities.  It comes from expanding ourselves beyond those routines.  Creative geniuses by definition operate outside the box in much of what they do.  Because they pursue what speaks to them, they are able to achieve unusual levels of absorption and productivity, fueling the development of expertise

What speaks to you?  What are the little things you do greatly?  You will find your greatest success by building upon the exemplary things you already do with passion and uniqueness.

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