Sunday, April 11, 2021

Thinking Through A Traders' Happy Hour

Prior to the pandemic, I hosted occasional craft beer happy hour sessions with traders from various backgrounds and firms.  I have always found that such gatherings are helpful in multiple ways, socially and professionally.  Smart, motivated people love to share ideas and learn from one another.  That creates a rich environment for personal and professional development.  And good food and drink doesn't hurt!  Indeed, the research in positive psychology suggests that we learn best when we are in positive mind states and when we process information in multiple ways.

What if the best way to learn trading is not through webinars, classes, conferences, videos, and podcasts, but live, while having fun?  What if the best way to develop as a trader is not by listening to self-anointed gurus, but by learning together from shared experience?  What if Zoom meetings are not meant for talks and PowerPoint presentations, but for creating happy hours and fun, interactive learning experiences in our own homes?

Not a bad legacy from the pandemic!

Stay tuned--



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