Friday, April 23, 2021

Know Your Cognitive Strengths


How do you best process information?

Have you ever taken the time to understand what your cognitive strengths are?

How consistently do you play to your information processing strengths in your trading?

When you study your best learning, when you study your best trades, you can uncover your best information processing.

I'm currently writing a new book.  To write each chapter, I read multiple books at the same time on the topic I want to cover.  From the many authors I read, a few common themes will jump out, particular topics will hit me.  Those are the ones that I then write about.  My greatest information processing strength is synthesizing lots of information and finding common threads.

During my best trading, I'm looking at multiple sources of information, multiple time frames, and multiple markets and waiting for patterns to stand out.  Those are the ones I trade.  My worst trading comes when I analyze one or two things rather than synthesize many things.

So many traders assert that they need to trade their personalities.  In reality, they need to trade their brains.

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